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MTN, making spray paint since 1994. MTN or Montana Colors offers you high quality spraycans for almost every appliance. Looking to buy a matte spray paint? We would recommend you the MTN 94 or the MTN Water Based. If you are going for a glossy spray paint, there is the MTN Hardcore 2 or the MTN Mega. This category offers you all the colors and different sizes of "normal" spray coatings.

The special cans you will find in the MTN Specialty categorie: Fluorescent Spray Paint, Glow in the dark, Varnishes, Glue or Transparants spray paints.

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MTN Specialty (7)

The MTN Specialty serie offers spraycans for different appliances. You'll find our Fluorescent spray paint, Transparant (Spectro) colours to make effects or color additions. We offer a Spray Varnish, that's unbeatable in price and quality. What to think of Glow in the Dark spray paint? It just keeps glowing, time after time. To finish our spray paint selection: we offer Paint Stripper, and the Solvent (also called Cap Cleaner), to remove or dilute your spray paint. Is there anything more you would like to buy in a spray paint?